Gold Sun

by Mighty Jay Mac

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Times have been hard for everybody around the world. There's more that we as Americans can do to help improve our society and the citizens within it. I understand we have to work everyday, take our kids to school, go to school ourselves, crack open one more soda or brew more coffee to stay active, but it's our job as adults to set the example for the generations to come. Teenagers and children look up to the older generations and look to them for guidance and with that title we must give them a positive image. We all have balance issues, we all have a walk of life that's different than someone else's, but we all have a heart. I made this album to help unify the powers that are alive in this earth to bring balance to the lyric content within this country. This album might not be heard by everybody and i understand that, but I'm still going to continue my journey no matter what. I know this isn't your normal "thank you" liner note for an album, but I have to make sure the message is heard on a wider scale. We need to stop sleeping and we need to stop hitting that snooze button we so desperately clutch to, and wake up and change ourselves so we can help change the world. Put God first in your lives and watch his plans take shape. Stay Mighty.


released February 7, 2013

All material was recorded, mixed, mastered, composed and arranged by Mighty Jay Mac.

"Top Billin'" is co-performed by DJ Alktual whom appears courtesy of Last Lyricists Music

"Presenting Maxwell Fresh" is co-performed by Barney Suguitan whom appears courtesy of the independent recording group Maxwell Fresh

"Roll Call" contains elements and samples from the following recordings (in order of appearance) We Love Radio clip from "Do The Right Thing"; Samuel Jackson as Mister Señor Love Daddy, Matrix; Dizzy Gilespie, Stir it up; A Tribe Called Quest, Nasty Nas; Nas, Jazz (We've Got); A Tribe Called Quest, Jam Master Jay; Run-DMC, Full Clip; Gangstarr, 9MM; KRS-One; Wu Tang Clan ain't Nothin' to F*** with; Wu Tang Clan, Hip Hop; Mos Def, The Blast; Talib Kweli, Can't See Us; The Roots, Dooinit; Common, Let's Move ft. Rapper Big Pooh; Foreign Exchange, Butter; A Tribe Called Quest, Rap Snitches Knishes ft. Mr. Fantastic; MF DOOM, Microwave Mayo; DOOM, Planet Rock; Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?; Public Enemy, Let Me Clear My Throat ft. Dougie Fresh & Biz Markie; DJ Kool, Lodi Dodi ft. Dougie Fresh; Slick Rick, Vapors; Biz Markie, Lodi Dodi; Snoop Doggy Dogg, Freedom; Grand Master Flash & The Furious 5, The Light 2008 ft. Marsha Ambrosius; Common, Auditorium ft. The Ruler; Mos Def, Roots; Jill Scott, Tomorrow; Ice Cube, Goin' Back to Cali; Notorious B.I.G., Scenario ft. Leaders of the New School; A Tribe Called Quest, The World is Yours; Nas, It's Bigger Than Hip Hop; Dead Prez

"Soul Hip Hop" contains elements and samples from the following recordings "Love Came Here" by: Lhasa, "Soul Travelin' Pt. 1 (The GBE) by: Gary Byrd

"On My Own" contains elements and samples from the following recordings "Days Gone By (Egyptology)" by: Moe Koffman
& "Communism" by: Common

"Dillagence" contains elements from the following recording "It Had Tto Be You" by: Tony Bennett

"Spread the Love" contains elements from the following recordings "I Always Get Caught in the Rain" by: Dionne Warwick, "Lovin' Man" by: Eugene McDaniels

"Gold Sun" contains elements from the following recording "Moonlight Serenade" by: Glenn Miller Orchestra

"Hip Hop Story" contains elements from the following recordings "Children's Story" by Slick Rick & "Tip The Scale ft. Dice Raw" by: The Roots

"Top Billin'" contains elements, phrases and samples from the following recordings "Top Billin'" by: Audio Two

"Positive Thinking" contains phrases & elements from the following recordings "I Love Music" by: Ahmad Jamal Trio, "It's Yours" by: T La Rock & Jazzy Jay, "The World is Yours" by: Nas



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Mighty Jay Mac Las Vegas, Nevada

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